MDP 052 | Season One Finale - Special Guest Webinar inc's Kyle Disher

#digitalretailer #webinarinc #ModernDealerPodcast #BuyHerePayHere Join David & David looking back at one year of The Modern Dealer Podcast. Plus a great conversation with Webinar Inc.'s Kyle Disher. We talk ePencil, Apple Car Play, wearing masks a 69 Mustang and a 96 Maxima - all this and more on The Season One Finale of The Modern Dealer Podcast. Thank you to everyone of our subscribers and everyone that has watched any one of our episodes.

MDP 048 | TikTok, Like a Savage!

#tiktok #savage #GaryV #VDP Design #ROIofYourMother Join David & David talking about TikTok for your dealership, 12 Hour Live Stream from Gary Vaynerchuk, VDP Design Best Practices, Book of the Week: Dot Com Secrets, Russell Brunson - plus a whole lot more

MDP 047 | Will Covid-19 Change the Way We Buy Cars?

#Badger #ILikeBigTrucks #DigitalRetailer #DigitalRetailing Join David & David are back in the MDP Studio and they are talking about How Covid-19 will change the way we buy and sell cars, why everybody is in the market for a new car, always... Do Salesmen still throw trade-in keys on the roof plus a quick mention of the plaid suite wearing, car selling Badger asking about wiggle-room. All this and more on episode 047 of The Modern Dealer Podcast

MDP 046 | 'Merica 2.0 - 5 Trends Shaping the Auto Industry's Approach to a New Normal

#Reboot2020 #Merica #AutoIndustryTrends #SendInTheMurderHornets Join David & David celebrating David's 46th Birthday on Episode 046 - We meet Valentina Bertoncini - We look at 5 trends shaping the Auto Industry's approach to the ['Merica 2.0] - 'the New Normal' - We take a time machine back to 2019 and 4 months (Explaining the Pandemic to my Past Self) into the future and we look how we can cancel the 90 Day Trial of 2020 and #Reboot2020

MDP 045 | Cinco De Mayo - No Topic Tuesday ­čśť

Join David & David talking M&M's for Lunch, Bike Rides & Suicide Drills, May Birthdays, Coffee with David & David, Video Resumes, Finding your voice after 45 Episodes, KAISEN, Learning how to make a podcast, What do you call that again, oh yeah, Swingers. No Ragrets, not even on letter, Hubspot vs. GoDaddy, 21 Day Car-Flipping Challenge, 7 Habits for Highly Effective People, Gary V and remembering the Camry Wagon. All This and More on this episode of the Modern Dealer Podcast.